LasX Industries to Show Carton System

ST. PAUL, MN | LasX Industries, a global supplier of digital laser converting equipment, and its partner Brandtjen & Kluge, a manufacturer of specialty print finishing and converting equipment, will be demonstrating their CartonsInMinutes (CIM) packaging solution at drupa 2016, May 31–June 10, in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

This folding carton finishing system is said to feature advanced laser processing technology and a versatile, in-line folding/gluing system for a seamless, all-digital workflow. Company says CIM converts printed materials to finished cartons in less than a minute vs traditional processes taking much longer to complete. In addition to high speed throughput, CIM is said to reduce cost by eliminating costly tooling and setup and reducing or eliminating WIP inventories.

The drupa CIM demonstration unit is based on the LasX CIM-400, a 400W CO2 laser system equipped with proprietary dual-camera vision registration technology for what is reported to be highly precise, repeatable laser positioning. The vision system also reads printed data matrix codes and then relays job specifications for high-speed cutting, blanking, and scoring to the patented, third-generation "Proton" laser controller. The codes also trigger on-the-fly job changes and provide material handling parameters to the integrated robotic system to remove scrap and feed the trimmed printed material to the folding and gluing system specially designed by Kluge for quick changeovers.

"We are very pleased with the positive feedback we receive from these demonstrations," says LasX VP David Pung. "The variety of companies who show interest in our system is impressive—from brand owners to packaging manufacturers to contract manufacturing companies. We formed a strategic alliance with Kluge in 2012 to develop a world-class digital print finishing solution, and judging from the feedback we receive, we believe we have an excellent solution for any company looking for a turnkey finishing system in a digital print workflow."

CIM systems are scalable to meet the needs of any digital production environment. Systems can be configured with up to two 1000W lasers to perform additional converting operations. CIM achieves throughput speeds as high as 15,000 cartons/hr with instant order change capabilities in continuous production runs.

"CartonsInMinutes technology is a game-changer," says Pung. "By eliminating the need for costly mechanical dies, finished cartons can be available for shipping literally within minutes of final customer design approval. For the first time, companies can cost effectively provide their customers with custom or personalized packaging. The technology is also particularly useful for industries in which entire carton inventories can be rendered obsolete by unplanned changes to product specifications or government regulations."

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