Green Bay Packaging Division Certified for Food Packaging Safety

GREEN BAY, WI | The Green Bay Division of Green Bay Packaging reports it has earned certification through the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked for packaging safety standard. The BRC designed the Standard to ensure good manufacturing practices and support of quality management systems. The BRC guides safety development and legal packaging materials that meet or exceed quality levels.

“The BRC certification is validation of our long-term commitment to providing the highest quality packaging materials and safety standards throughout the supply chain,” says Bryan Hollenbach, Green Bay Packaging’s executive VP. “The BRC Global Standards are well respected and widely used by our customers nationwide.”

Reportedly, the BRC Packaging Standards are highly regarded and widely used by suppliers and retailers, and they aid in standardizing quality, safety, operational criteria, and manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations.

Roy Schneider, VP and general manager for the Shipping Container Division of Green Bay Packaging, explains the company’s rationale in seeking the certification. “We remain committed to continually improving our operations and to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. Achieving an A grade is a significant accomplishment by our entire team that will benefit our customers, employees and vendor partners moving forward.”

According to Green Bay, recognition of the BRC Standard by GFSI increases the confidence of food manufacturers when sourcing packaging materials from certified sites.

“This certification is further evidence of our commitment to provide the highest caliber of packaging and assure our customers that our manufactured products are safe, legal and maintain an unsurpassed degree of quality,” says Mike Tassone, director of quality for Green Bay Packaging. “Furthermore, our goal is to have all of our box plants certified to a GFSI benchmarked standard for packaging materials.”

The BRC says it is committed to continuous improvement of its packaging safety standard and requires the same continuous improvement from the distribution centers they certify.

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