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3M Multipack Solution Said to Aid Retailers and Consumers

ST. PAUL, MN | 3M offers the Multipack Solution, said to make consumers’ lives easier while providing cost savings and to allow retailers to improve operations and turn products faster.

Company says the newest benefit of the system is the ability to register print and cover the products’ original UPCs with a Multipack UPC, thereby safeguarding pricing accuracy and avoiding mis-scanning at the checkout counter.

Originally introduced in October 2014, the Multipack Solution combines Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape with CEFMA packaging machines to replace materials currently used to bundle products such as bags, chipboard, trays, and shrink wrap. The compact, energy- efficient CEFMA machinery provides full-line automation which helps enhance throughput and reduce costs.

Reportedly, the adhesive formulation of the Multipack Tape enables manufacturers to securely bundle products without damaging them when the tape is removed, and due to the tape’s repositionability feature, consumers are able to re-wrap their bundled products after the first use, making it easier to keep closets and pantries organized. The discreet adhesive highlights the primary packaging, and the custom printing is said to grab consumers’ attention.


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