Iggesund Paperboard Expands in North America

IGGESUND, SWEDEN | Iggesund Paperboard has established an inventory position and sheeting capabilities in Pomona, CA, with the objective of making Invercote readily available for quick turn market demand. The primary goal is to be able to serve the packaging and commercial print cluster in California and beyond.

“We’ve been in the US for more than 30 years, but our distribution footprint has been concentrated on the east coast,” says Rickard Österlindh, president of Iggesund Americas. “Now is the time to increase our presence on the West Coast, where we know there is a density of brand owners who will appreciate the quality level we offer with Invercote.”

Iggesund will focus its sales and marketing efforts on premium packaging and graphical print applications, building on the foundation of offset and digital print business recently established through a network of merchant distributors.

“Invercote is a niche product in the US,” says Neal Haussel, sales director and marketing manager US. “Unlike domestically produced paper and paperboard grades, Invercote’s is manufactured using a multilayer construction, which means that it will not crack on the fold; neither with nor against the grain. This is an incredibly powerful selling point, which is further strengthened by a second-to-none environmental sustainability platform. We are pleased to formally announce the addition of Paige Brinkley to the Iggesund sales team to help us develop brand recognition on the West Coast and deliver Invercote’s proposition to that heretofore untapped market. Paige brings a long history of working both in fine paper and board markets and has an extensive background working on the West Coast.”

Enhanced distribution from coast to coast in the US is just one step in Iggesund’s effort to become a unified global entity by strengthening its service platform outside Europe. In step with that effort, the company reports it has launched a broader service concept, which emphasizes the resources and support functions offered to existing and potential customers. Care by Iggesund includes the fast, easy ordering of samples and inspirational materials, product safety information and certificates, and access to the analytical services of Iggesund’ s accredited Laboratory for Sensory and Chemical Analyses. The company’s environmental documentation is also part of the Care by Iggesund campaign, serving as a guarantee that customers will not have any unpleasant surprises regarding the origins of forest raw material.

“We don’t just want customers to buy our paperboard,” says Österlindh. “We want them to get the most out of the products we produce by making a resource base of knowledge available to them. All our documentation, together with an experienced team of local market technicians, exists to ensure that.”

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