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Neenah Presents 10 Packaging + Print Ideas

ALPHARETTA, GA | An unopened box signals the promise of something wonderful and creates a sense of anticipation—no matter what time of year. The latest release from Neenah Paper—The Power of Paper: ON NEENAH—offers the promise of ideas, created to inspire packaging designers, graphic designers and creative brand managers.

The reveal begins with a tall telescoping box made from NEENAH Folding Board. The utility is obvious but delights the creative mind with a unique way to enclose, protect, and transport a large luxury item with a simple, single piece of paper wrap. Upon further exploration of ON, the signature sense of whimsy of creative agency Design Army is evident throughout. Combined with precision construction and dozens of creative uses of paper and specialty print, the box becomes a true resource for print and package design.

Among the demonstrations in ON: a luxury perfume box; a two-dimensional, mobile-friendly hangtag designed to enrich the shopping experience; a confectionary packaging with scratch-and-sniff ink wafting the scent of freshly baked cookies; a luxury retail gift card and opulent sleeve design; and a velvety flocked broadside poster. All told, ON includes 10 separate pieces, 11 production techniques, and 18 papers. An added bonus: all of the dielines for the promotion are available for free, and may be downloaded here.

“It’s a joy to introduce this idea box to customers. ON shows Neenah’s seductive array of colors and textures for commercial printing and luxury packaging applications. The Internet continues to disrupt traditional approaches to communicating and shopping—offering more opportunity to use the power of paper to stand apart,” says Tom Wright, director of advertising and design for Neenah. “We continue to emphasize what can be done digitally. Digital now offers clients the flexibility to do smaller, more customized project runs with an increasing range of textures and colors,” he says.


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