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Iggesund Paperboard Upgrades Flagship Product


HELSINKI, FINLAND | Iggesund Paperboard announces an upgrade to its flagship product, Invercote. From summer 2015 the paperboard in the Invercote family, Invercote G, will feature a lightly coated reverse side. 

“More and more brand owners want to have access to high quality, reverse-side printing, for example in order to print a color shade or pattern which improves recognition and reinforces their brand,” says Arvid Sundblad, VP of sales and marketing at Iggesund Paperboard. “We are developing Invercote step by step, and always in the direction our customers want.”

Prior to this latest upgrade, Invercote G has been triple-coated on the print side with an uncoated reverse and is available in grammages from 180 to 380 g/m2. It is said to offer a combination of excellent printing and foil laminating properties together and an equally high quality consistency.

Coating the reverse side means that the whiteness on the reverse has also been adjusted up. Company says further improvement has also been made to the lightfastness, which is crucial for a package to keep looking fresh over time on the retail shelf.

Sundblad says, ”This is not a revolution but rather an adaptation to gradually changing customer demands. The reverse side coating is very light—it improves the printing properties but still keeps the tactile feeling of roughness.”

Concurrently with the introduction of the upgraded Invercote G, Iggesund has also improved and made more transparent its service offering under the name Care by Iggesund. The aim is consistent delivery times, but the offering also encompasses everything from a rapid sample service and the dissemination of knowledge to local technical support and a transparent raw materials supply.

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