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Carton Decorating | Cold Foil Makes Packaging Pop

Ellis Paperbox added Eagle Systems' cold foil unit to a new Komori press, pleasing customers looking for shine at an affordable price.

When Toronto-based Ellis Paperbox purchased its new Komori GL40 eight-color litho press, the company was looking for more than just high-quality litho printing. It also wanted a way to provide added value for folding carton customers who wanted to make their products “pop” on the shelves. So one month after installation, the new press was outfitted with cold foil equipment from Eagle Systems.

Company president Dave Ellis, who purchased the Eagle unit at last fall’s Graph Expo show in Chicago, says, “Not only does the Eagle equipment add sparkle to the cartons, it does it without adding a large increase to the cost. We already have cold foil on our flexo presses, but this is the first time we have used it with litho.”

This is also Ellis’s first experience with Eagle, and Dave Ellis reports it has been a positive one all around. “Eagle provided training—sending two people on-site. And [Eagle president/CEO] Mike King and his employees have visited us to help our operators and continue to train.

He adds, “Eagle after-purchase service has been second to none. I know Mike has my back, and he wants us to be successful—I’m really happy that I’ve partnered with him.”

Cutting Costs

Ellis Paperbox is part of the Ellis Group, manufacturers of folding cartons mainly for the North American market place. The group serves a wide range of markets, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, food, and beverages. The company has three locations in Ontario, each specializing in different marketplaces. Ellis Paperbox specializes in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical folding cartons, and Dave Ellis reports that customers often struggle with silver ink technology while trying to add shelf presence to their cartons.

“They want as much shine as possible,” he says, “but with hot foil, you can be looking at thousands of dollars in prep costs. One of the real beauties of the cold foil technology is that you can add so much value with very little up-front cost. Cold foil technology offers the best bang for the buck.”

There was a learning curve, Ellis explains, as there is with all new technology. “Frankly, we’re still learning and experimenting, but within hours after installing the Eagle equipment, we were producing retail-ready cartons!”

The Eagle equipment, which also comes with cast and cure technology capabilities, is allowing Ellis to convert some hot foil jobs to cold foil, but Ellis is pleased that the company now has the option to offer both to its litho customers.

The purchase of the Eagle cold foil unit was primarily in response to the needs of current customers, Dave Ellis says, “but we do see the possibility of new markets and customer bases with this capability.” He adds, “At Ellis we always look at ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We believe in investing in new technologies to stay on top of trends, and we like to set trends as well, with the help of people like Eagle.”

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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