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Highcon Launches Euclid II Cutting/Creasing Machine


YAVNE, ISRAEL | Highcon will launch the Euclid II Series of digital cutting and creasing machines at GRAPH EXPO/CPP EXPO in Chicago.

New optional add-ons, all of which are included in the top-of-the-line machine, the Euclid II+, include:

• Integrated Digital Stripping Unit: The built-in waste stripping mechanism automatically removes the waste from the smallest internal cutouts, eliminating the need to buy, set up, or store a separate stripping tool.

• Optical registration: In addition to the registration of the sheets mechanically on the machine, this new module adds the ability to align the creasing and cutting to the image. • Fine cutting accelerator: This advanced software module is said to take laser cutting and marking to new heights of design flexibility and speed.

• Web-to-pack software: Company has collaborated with expert software developers to produce purpose built web-to-pack software, which will be on show at the booth. Combined with the digital cutting and creasing of the Euclid, this software will offer print service providers and packaging converters the ability to open customized on line stores with all the advantages of a digital process.

Other new features of the Euclid II include:

• A new substrate handling system that allow unit to handle a wide range of substrates: paper, folding carton, labels, and microflute. Additional sensors ensure registration accuracy and a smooth, uninterrupted sheet flow, increasing productivity and reliability.

• Enhanced Creasing Quality: New polymer formula and optimized rule geometry reportedly keep a balance between strength and flexibility, allowing the production of sharp and accurate creases with a new ability to produce curved lines.

• Cutting: Optimized cutting algorithms heighten the accuracy and control over the laser power while allowing higher production speeds to be achieved.

• User-Friendly Interface: The latest version of the company’s software offers user-friendly make-ready, new cutting and registration algorithms, and efficient use of consumables, all of which are said to contribute to provide improved productivity as well as enabling remote service.

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