Clondalkin Consumer Denekamp Celebrates 185 Years


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | Clondalkin Consumer Denekamp, a manufacturer of folding cartons for the food and non-food markets, pharma and healthcare industry, and cosmetics, is celebrating its anniversary. 

The company was founded in 1829 by brothers Anton and Carl Linde as a tobacco packaging manufacturer. Soon the company was supplying boxes and folding cartons for a range of applications on an international scale. The manufacturer was acquired by Clondalkin Group in 2001 as part of the Group's international expansion. Clondalkin Group is an international producer of high value added packaging products and services with more than 35 production locations in eight different countries throughout Europe and North America.

Ken Haan, managing director of Clondalkin Consumer Denekamp, says, "It is with great pride that we celebrate 185 years in business. Our knowledge about folding cartons is well respected within the industry, and we have businesses that we've worked with for over a century. We are well invested in customized press and finishing equipment and have decades of specialist experience in flexible production runs and short delivery times. Our company was founded on entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, all of which remain firmly rooted in our culture and will continue to lead us into the future."

Malcolm Farnan, sales and marketing director from Clondalkin Group, adds, "To reach such a significant milestone is a huge achievement. Denekamp employs many talented people, and it is due to them and the company’s constant innovation and investment in the latest technology that it remains a thriving business and will continue for many years to come."


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