Premier Paper Converting Machinery Produces Its 100th Assembler


NEW BERLIN, WI | Premier Paper Converting Machinery, supplier of partition assembly, slitting, stripping, and die-cutting machinery, has hit a milestone by completing its 100th 91CF assembler machine. The unit produces cardboard dividers to separate products inside a box. 

President Matthew Mumper explains that the company, which sells its equipment worldwide, produces both a standardized line of equipment as well as specialized machinery. E.g., a standard machine comes with six channels (in which a strip of paper is guided through), but the company can make them with up to eight channels.

Mumper says the original Model 91 from 1977 has gone through a series of modifications and upgrades over the years, with new mechanisms added. This unit, specialized for 12 and 24 partitions, is mainly used in the glassware industry, most commonly for beer or wine bottles. It is also used to pack commodity items such as glass vases intended for consumer use. The original design was for solid chipboard partitions only, but today’s model can produce either chipboard or corrugated partitions.

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