Esko Adds Dimension to Package Design


GHENT, BELGIUM | Esko announces the introduction of ArtiosCAD, version 12, providing tools for 3D package design, editing, rendering, and visualization. It is said to assures that the viability of a package is discovered further upstream in the supply chain and to help users gain productivity and increase efficiency.

New version has integrated the latest native 3D file import libraries from company’s technology partner, Spatial. This offers a speed improvement of more than 50%, company says, which means designers will spend less time waiting to import 3D models. The 3D import preview feature allows users to select individual parts from a model assembly, meaning the structural designer can build a carton around the imported 3D parts to be packaged quickly and automatically.

With a single mouse click, users can fill a carton, case, or tray with the product to be packaged, saving time developing multi-part designs. Placement of one design within another is now easier with the new Collision Detection feature, which gives visual feedback when the two designs intersect.


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