Emirates Printing Press Gains Flexibility with Gallus

WIEDEN, GERMANY | Emirates Printing Press (EPP), a globally successful, quality-oriented printing house headquartered in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, decided to purchase an in-line machine system from Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH. The Gallus ICS 670 will be used to make folding carton products in a seamless process–from the roll to the finished, die-cut blanks. For the 600-people-strong company, this investment is the next step in following its strategy to expand its activities in the packaging sector.

The Gallus ICS 670 destined for EPP comprises four gravure units, nine EVA (Easy Value Add) platforms, a rotary embossing unit, and the Gallus FCL 670 flat-bed die-cutter. EPP will use HiDef flexo printing and screen printing modules on the EVA platforms. Other finishing methods such as cold foiling, lamination, hot foil embossing, or rotary hot foil embossing can also be integrated in the platforms as options.

Gallus ICS670 inline machine

"It was the one-of-a-kind production and process flexibility offered by the Gallus ICS 670 that was the main reason for our investment decision," explained EPP's executive directors, Mohamad Al Shirawi and Samuel Natarajan. "We chose this configuration because it allows us to cover most of our current portfolio. Thanks to its modular architecture, the machine can be expanded at any time in the future, so that we can respond to changing market needs without any problems."

EPP has been certified by several organizations for its exemplary quality and standardization policies and regularly wins prestigious awards at international quality competitions. A total of 16 heatset web offset, sheetfed offset, and sheetfed gravure presses have so far been available at the printing company. In addition to books, magazines, and assorted presswork, EPP also makes high-end packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, confectionery, and tobacco products on behalf of world famous brands.

In-line folding carton converting: more than just another machine

The Gallus ICS 670 will enable EPP to realize not only alternative printing processes but also a revolutionary production and material flow concept. With this in mind, the company recently built a new shop that is optimally aligned to the requirements of continuous, streamlined in-line production from the roll. This shop is sufficiently large to accommodate a second production line–further evidence of EPP's faith in the capabilities of the in-line system.

EPP's entry into the new in-line production era was preceded by careful preparation. In-depth training in flexo and screen printing, as well as in the necessary prepress processes, were provided to both operators and managers at the Gallus Converting Center in Weiden, Germany, and Gallus Screeny in Switzerland. Specialized theoretical knowledge was backed up by practical training on an identical machine system. "We'd like to say a big thank you to Gallus for the excellent training that was put on for us in Weiden and St. Gallen. We learned an awful lot," said Thomas Jayaraj, senior production and plant manager at EPP.

The HiDef flexo printing and gravure units, rotary embossing unit, and Gallus FCL 670 flat-bed die-cutter have meanwhile successfully started production at EPP. The outstanding print quality of the Gallus ICS 670 has already been testified to by an application engineer at a leading ink manufacturer. Parallel to this, the operator team has received further on-site training from Gallus specialists in the run-up to the new in-line machine system's final acceptance at Emirates Printing Press.

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