CalSheets Automates Waste Tracking with SCRAP TRAKKER

CalSheets corrugated plantKENOSHA, WI | RTC Technologies reports CalSheets LLC, Stockton, CA, has automated its waste tracking methods and reporting with the installation of a SCRAP TRAKKER system. Installed in April, SCRAP TRAKKER is a waste data collection and reporting system designed specifically to help corrugated facilities take better control of waste.

CalSheets, an independent corrugated sheet feeder, is among the many corrugated and paperboard facilities to install SCRAP TRAKKER to simplify and automate the process of collecting scrap data on the plant floor. Some facilities have openly touted savings that reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, the manufacturer reports.

Designed for busy, multi-tasking users like those working in CalSheets’ 203,000 sq ft facility, the SCRAP TRAKKER software system offers an operator-friendly touch screen interface and utilizes bar code technology to quickly and easily capture the waste data. The system’s real time reporting is putting critical information in the hands of CalSheets’ plant supervisors when they need it, empowering them to make better decisions on the fly, and ensuring each shift reduces its scrap.

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