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Check Your E-Mail for Critical Trends Survey

PFFC needs your response to our annual Critical Trends survey. For that matter, the INDUSTRY needs your response! Please check your e-mail for a message from PFFC with the subject line: PFFC Critical Trends Survey - Courtesy Reminder.

Why is it important for you to respond? First of all, there’s something in it for you personally. Second of all, you can compare how your company compares to the rest of the industry. So I guess you could say there’s something in it for your company.

What’s it all about? If you received an e-mail asking you to participate in the survey, it’s because you were identified among a very select number of readers to participate, so we’re relying on your input to make the Critical Trends study once again an unprejudiced and valuable resource across all segments of the converting industry. To our knowledge, this is the only study conducted across all industry segments for comparative use––all thanks to your involvement.

Your responses will be strictly confidential, used in combination only with other PFFC readers who participate.

Participants in this study will have the unique advantage to compare their performance–ahead of everyone else–against those in allied converting industries as they are challenged to become more profitable, efficient, productive, and knowledgeable about their businesses. The survey examines such things as: employment, revenue, business activities, materials costs, business backlog, plant capacity utilization, R&D, and the impact of imported converted products on your business. All this in a quick five-minute survey.

Respondents will be entitled to an advanced copy of the entire published study (something for your company), and your name will be entered in a drawing among all participants for one of four $50 Visa gift cards (something for you).

So please check your e-mail in-box. A select number of questions from this study will be published in the May issue of PFFC–but you could have the entire study just for participating. No cost.

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