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Showing Your Appreciation

Showing your team players appreciation for a job well done doesn’t have to involve a fist full of dollars (although it would certainly be appreciated if possible). There are some basic common sense management approaches that show your employees that you value their hard work. Still, I asked in my last blog entry: How do you show your appreciation?

My dear friend Ed Cohen of Edward D. Cohen Consulting Inc. shared with me his insight on this topic:

I read your blog on appreciation, and it is very good question. My answer is in two categories:
In general for most managers, if they have to ask the question, they will not understand the answer.

First, in today’s economic recession. . .
Insure personnel that they have job security.
Do not not arbitrarily cut salaries.
Do not not arbitrarily lay off personnel.
There should be no forced early retirements without adequate compensation.
Share the economic burden.

Second, in all circumstances. . .
Follow the Golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (I do know who first said this.)
Management should also understand: “A feather from your height would crush me.”
A thank you said after an accomplishment is important. It is like training a dog, you have to reward or punish
quickly. A day later they will not remember what they are being punished for.

The question, Ed said, intrigued him. Are there any other pearls of management wisdom you can share?

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