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A Gift for PFFC's Website Users

During this time of giving, the Paper, Film & Foil Converter Team is participating in the spirit of the season with a gift for our website visitors--particularly converters who are in need of sources for services they do not have or are in need of supplementing.

Specifically, converters who may be in need of contract coating and laminating services or contract slitting services will find our two focused directories dedicated to these needs have been greatly enhanced in terms of their functionality!

Before I tell you how, first allow me briefly to digress (or should I say "rant"). . . To be honest, I must admit my own frustration over the years in using both these directories. If used from the website, the user quickly discovered the Web format was nothing more than an adaptation of the print formats from the magazine version we once published prior to September 2011. That was a time when print was king and everything that appeared on the Web was only supplementary to the primary print version. Of course, that all changed in September 2011 when all PFFC's content migrated exclusively to the website. I confess it took years of my own irritation over how badly the directories functioned as I sought the valuable information imbedded there before desperately finding a modification. Trust me, it was no easier for me to add a new company to the list than it was for me to find an existing listing, even with the addition of a scroll bar at the bottom of the directory. I knew our website users must have experienced the same frustration.

Alleluia, that's all a thing of the past now! Thanks to Steve Dunn, we now have two very easy to use directories that can be navigated with the company names remaining stationary on the left (even in their expanded modes!) along with the category names at the top, while two scroll bars facilitate navigating the valuable information. The far right vertical scroll bar allows the user to move among the company names along the left with their visible category capabilities. The horizontal scroll bar at the very bottom of each directory chart allows the user to move between all the category options while still maintaining the company names on the left in full view.

You simply MUST try using each of the directories to experience my poor attempt to describe how easy they are to use. Visit the Contract Coating & Laminating Services Directory by clicking HERE. Visit the Contract Slitting Directory by clicking HERE.

Happy Holidays, my PFFC Friends! May the coming year prove to be healthy, happy, and memorable!

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