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Goin' to Orlando for ICE USA!

I'm gettin' outa Dodge! I'm forgetting about this snow and cold and getting me some ICE. . . i.e., ICE USA (a.k.a. International Converting Exhibition)!

If you're a converter, that's where you should be heading, too. The venue on February 10–12 couldn't be better at this time of year. . . Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. Warm, no snow, sunny Orlando--at least that's what I'm counting on. Find the staff of Paper, Film & Foil Converter at Booth #1050 along with our technical experts and consultants Mark Miller of Coating Tech Service LLC (fluid coating), Dr. Kelly Robinson of Electrostatic Answers (static control), Tim Walker of TJWalker+Assoc. (web handling), and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of PLC Technologies (polymers, laminations, and coatings).

Find Kelly Robinson at the pre-show conference sessions staged by CEMA on February 9 with his session at 9 A.M.: Dealing with Static Electricity.

Also find Mark Miller on the 9th at the CEMA pre-show sessions for his presentation at 11:15 A.M.: Coating Methods–Premetered.

On February 10th at 11:30 A.M., Kelly Robinson will next address: Static Control Best Practices for Converting and Printing.

Then throughout the show on the 10th–12th, you can locate Kelly Robinson again from 1–4 P.M. at the Ask the Experts pavilion, but Kelly's also accessible at the PFFC Booth #1050 when he's not busy elsewhere along with our other outstanding technical experts.

Now for an update involving PET film (I suggest you check this out at ICE USA) . . .

A friend of PFFC who is active in the industry shared this news with me yesterday that may be of interest to those of you who use or convert PET film. This notification is considered "final" although a previous preliminary notice was its mirror image. The significance here is that this notice continues the restriction on imported PET film into the USA as a penalty to selling film at a low price. My source says, while the notice sounds simple, it's actually extremely complicated. Brazil, it appears, has no worries now and its Anti-Dumping (AD) duty has been rescinded. Converters, however, now have two countries unable to sell film at the lowest prices possible because of their competitors filing complaints with the International Trade Administration (ITA). While this is not considered a major event for the industry—it is for companies at issue and their customers. Here's the notice:

PET Film, Sheet and Strip. The ITA has revoked the AD duty order on polyethylene terephthalate film, sheet and strip from Brazil, effective Nov. 10, 2013. As a result, the ITA will notify U.S. Customs and Border Protection to (a) terminate the suspension of liquidation and discontinue the collection of cash deposits on entries of PET film from Brazil that were entered or withdrawn from warehouse on or after that date and (b) refund with interest all cash deposits on entries made on or after that date.

The ITA has also continued the AD duty orders on PET film, sheet and strip from China and the United Arab Emirates for five years, effective Feb. 6.

The products covered by these orders are all gauges of raw, pre-treated or primed PET film, whether extruded or co-extruded. PET film is classifiable under HTSUS subheading 3920.62.0090. Excluded are metallized films and other finished films that have had at least one of their surfaces modified by the application of a performance-enhancing resinous or inorganic layer more than 0.00001 inches thick. Also excluded is roller transport cleaning film, which has at least one of its surfaces modified by the application of 0.5 micrometers of SBR latex. Tracing and drafting film is also excluded.

See you at ICE USA—Booth 1050!

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