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Pursuing a Patent on Breakthrough Technology: The Pros & Cons

You’ll want to be on your computer—maybe with a group of your fellow co-workers—on March 27 at 11 A.M. EDT to listen to a webinar led by Dr. Kelly Robinson, Paper, Film & Foil Converter’s own expert consultant and author of the monthly column “Static Beat” and blog “Kelly on Static.”

Kelly’s presentation has already been recognized by his peers during the Fall 2012 Technical Conference of the Assn. of Intl. Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators with the organization’s highest technical award named in honor of John Matteucci. So registering for the March 27th webinar will allow you the advantage of sitting at your desk and learning what your options are in making this important decision:

  • Do you file a patent application? If so, how?
  • May be you should maintain your property as a trade secret. Why?
  • Should you disclose your new idea? Why in the world is this a viable option?
  • And last but not least, should you do absolutely nothing?

Tune in at 11 A.M.—12 P.M. (EDT) by clicking here.

Kelly is no novice at this process. As an engineer, he is the holder of 14 patents himself, the most recent having been issued in January 2013. It will be an hour well spent.

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