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PFFC Wishes Converters & Suppliers Holiday Harmony

The year 2012 has had many successes which, try as I may, seem overshadowed by too many tragic events to give cause for celebration. Perhaps we all will reexamine in our hearts and minds what deserves an expression of anger or hurt and what does not. Has anyone not been reminded that feeling and acting on a grievance are two very different things?

Quite accidentally, I discovered a recent connection to the tragedy in Newtown, CT, who is affiliated with our industry. While I know he prefers anonymity, I asked if he knew of any special funds that had been established in memory of the 20 innocent children and six adults who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary on that traumatic December 14th day.

On what would traditionally represent a week of festive activities–which for many it most surely will not–I give thanks for being surrounded by a loving family, close friends and co-workers, good health, and harmony. I wish these to all my PFFC friends and share with you the following URL ( where you also can express your support for the victims of our nation's most recent tragedy.

Lest it be ignored, the rampage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy has left wounds still healing while Pack Expo in Chicago was being staged in October. Our extension of kindness during this season of bounty for many certainly would be appreciated. Visit

With warmest regards and wishes for a harmonious holiday,


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