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The Source of Your Mojo

At the center of your marketing mojo is the topic of brand. The term, “brand” has evolved significantly over the years; originally defined as a “mark” such as branding cattle to now encompassing the entire identify of your product, service and/or company. Your marketing mojo is strongly wrapped up in what people think and feel about your brand when they encounter it. It is because of this you will be better served to think of your brand as a personality-- one that needs to demonstrate and reinforce the strengths of your brand every time your customers and prospects encounter it.

How do you do it? Let’s tackle the first step right now. 

Step one. Define your market messages. What differentiates you in the marketplace? What does your brand stand for? Is it innovation? Leadership? Low-priced leader? Dependability? Excellent customer service? Take some time to roll up four words that best describe your brand. Here’s an example: Budget rental cars. Inexpensive, accessible, dependable, adequate service (not going to wow you). You won’t expect much service or luxury, but Budget differentiates itself with price and delivers its market promise… low price.

Take this first step. I’ll walk you through the next one next time. Get in touch with your Marketing Mojo by starting with these core messages of your brand. And stay tuned. Step two awaits you.

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