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Marketing Mojo

Marketing Mojo is not something static – it requires openness to new ideas, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to take risks when you believe there’s a reason to deviate from the same tired message. As someone who has driven many big ideas in marketing for the converting industry over the last decade, I have seen an amazing amount of change in how companies market their products and services. I’ve experienced brilliant product launches, witnessed complete flops and have learned a great deal from the marketplace that I am eager to share with you in this blog site.

We’re all familiar with Marketing because we are exposed to it constantly. Web sites, brochures, advertising, direct mail, news releases… all are ever-present yet what continues to evolve is not only the way the audience (your potential customer) receives the message but their desire to take action from that point.

The key to getting your potential customers to know about what you have to sell is to communicate the information they want to know in the way that they are comfortable. Does this sound difficult? It might be. But it really doesn’t have to be and it gets easier when you consider the following steps.

Step One. Keep talking to and thinking more like your customers to get a sense of what resonates with them today. Use that knowledge to develop an overarching strategy and then put something out there.

Step Two. Make an effort to measure your results and identify opportunities for improvement.

Step Three. Modify your message and your medium with time but keep consistent with your core campaign strategy. Marketing Mojo is like a muscle. Stop working on it, or keep doing the same thing, and the effect is weakened.

Remember that your prospect’s method of receiving information keeps evolving, just like yours does. And let’s meet again at the Marketing Mojo blog, where I’ll share examples of what has worked well in our industry and provide guidance for those of you brave enough to try new methods.

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