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PowerPoint Is NOT a Presentation!

Check out this hilarious satire on presentations, given from an engineer's perspective. It had me in stitches!

In the corporate world, the primary method of communicating outside of email is through PowerPoint. To present an idea at a meeting and not have a PowerPoint slide deck at the ready would be unheard of. And yet, we struggle to find examples of memorable and motivating messages presented through this medium. More likely, we have to fight the urge to take a nap once a presenter starts the clicker on their laptop to lead you through their PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint is not the problem, it’s the lack of time and attention a presenter takes to put together their message in a way to really connect with their audience. I will boldly say that when you choose to develop and deliver your presentation only using PowerPoint you are being lazy and disrespectful to your audience.

Personally, I love using PowerPoint but I know that by slide four, I’ve lost my ability to connect with the audience. I challenge you to create a presentation without PowerPoint. Use tools such as a picture, a dry erase board, and an oversized printout of a roadmap or sketch that you can write on and highlight during your presentation. Even use handouts and samples so the audience can TOUCH your message. And if you can’t seem to get the point out without a list of bullet points, then show those points on a 3-ft high (oversize) printout and tack it to the wall to walk through them. You will be different. You and your presentation will stand out and be memorable. It’s a risk but don’t you think you have to take risks to get the sale, build credibility with your staff and/or possibly get a promotion? I dare you to take the challenge.

Who’s in?

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