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Trade shows are usually filled with a variety of educational sessions that help industry professionals explore and learn about the industry we operate in, giving us the tools to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and new technologies.  Sometimes for me it is hard to find time aside from all of the networking and exhibitor visits to be able to kick my feet back and relax while gaining knowledge from industry experts, however, in this falls upcoming conference line up, a few sessions have caught my eye and are making my priority list.

Pack Expo:
I plan to attend “Machinery Moderization: The Factory of the Future” to hear how the applications of the latest technologies and the industrial revolution in manufacturing environments is improving the operations of businesses.   Also, along the lines of technologies that can be utilized to improve processes and productivity, “The Connected Factory: Strengthening Your Production Processes with Intelligent Manufacturing” session has made my list. Learning more about intelligent solutions and new technologies is the theme of my priority list for Pack Expo.  

AIMCAL R2R USA Conference:
At AIMCAL’s R2R USA Conference this upcoming October multiple tracks are being featured that focus on web coating and laminating, vacuum web coating, specialty web coating, web handling and winding, adhesives and coatings, R2R markets and flexible packaging. However, what I am looking forward to the most is the vendor session which features suppliers promoting their product, service or company in a three-minute presentation. The most entertaining infomercial wins an AIMmy Award.

If you missed it, the August issue of PFFC details the AIMCAL R2R (roll-to-roll) USA Conference/SPE FlexPackCon. Also, in the September issue of PFFC, you will find more details on what Pack Expo has in store for show attendees.  And most certainly not to be forgotten, the K 2019 show will be highlighted in our upcoming October issue.

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