AIMCAL 2015 Web Coating and Handling Conference


This year's AIMCAL 2015 Web Coating and Handling Conference will again be co-held with the SPE FlexPackCon and is sure to be a well attended event.  Several seminars are being held on Sunday, October 25, with the conference itself starting Monday, October 26.

This is a premiere event with many business owners and brand owners in attendance, as well as high-level technical personnel from the best companies and universities from around the globe.  There are four concurrent sessions from Monday morning through Wednesday afternoon, with the exception of Tuesday afternoon, which is traditional reserved for networking.  The networking event, as well as the networking environment in general, sets AIMCAL apart from all other conferences.  

The general subjects include vacuum coating, web coating, web handling and FlexPackCon.  I am presenting two papers at the conference.  The first is entitled "Laminating to Digitally Printed Substrates", which examines new digital printing technology, and the second "A Comparison of Adhesive Lamination and Extrusion Lamination", which as the name implies, compares the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

So, from solution coating to extrusion coating to metallizing to web handling to networking, there is something for everyone at this conference.  Plus, you can enjoy the sun and work on your tan at the same time.

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