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Mondi Set to Revolutionize European Paper-Based Shopping Bag Market With Start-up of New Specialty Kraft Paper Machine

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has started up its new specialty kraft paper machine at its Štětí mill in the Czech Republic. The €67 million investment in the machine makes it Europe’s first dedicated paper machine for specialty kraft paper grades made out of fresh and recycled fiber for retail and online shopping bags.

The paper machine will produce up to 130,000 tons of specialty kraft paper per year, meaning Mondi will have the largest product portfolio for consumer shopping bags in Europe. This includes white and brown virgin grades and now recycled paper grades that can be used in a range of bag applications from fashion stores to online grocery platforms and home deliveries.

The EcoVantage two-ply paper produced on the new machine reportedly consists of recycled and sustainably sourced fresh fibers and is 100 percent recyclable.

The European specialty kraft paper market is expected to grow strongly driven by legislation to eliminate waste caused by plastic shopping bags and consumer preference to move away from single use plastic.

“We want to offer converters and brand owners sustainable, 100 percent recyclable paper-based products for their retail and online shopping packaging,” said Kalle Taari, head of strategy & product management kraft paper, Mondi. “The papers produced on this machine will offer recycled fiber-based products with a natural look, great printability and strength properties, all pre-requisites for consumer shopping bags. We are excited to be rolling out several options from our EcoVantage range throughout 2021.”

For more information, visit https://www.mondigroup.com.


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