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Mondi's Pinch Pro Bag Supports Powdered Products

ATLANTA, GA | An innovative new pinch-bottom bag that eases consumer usability, boosts packagers’ productivity, and improves seal quality is now available from Mondi North America. The Pinch Pro large-format industrial bag supports many powdered and granulated product applications, including pet food, sugar, bakery ingredients, and specialty chemicals. 

Pinch Pro bags offer a unique, patent-pending inner heat seal on the bag ends. When the ends are folded over, or pinched, during closure, packagers need only a hot air sealer to create a tight seal that preserves product freshness and prevents bag breakage. The Pinch Pro bag eliminates the need for sewing or hot melt equipment for bag closure. The new bags free packagers from concerns over needle holes, broken needles, and machinery downtime to deal with glue buildup. Bags can be sealed with the Pinch Pro method up to 15% faster than with sewing.

Pinch Pro bags also are very easy for consumers to open. End-users simply lift up on the bag’s sealed end closure and then peel apart the front and back sides of the bag to open it the desired amount.

“The Pinch Pro bag enables packagers to achieve a higher quality, more reliable bag seal with better productivity than is possible with bag sewing and other closure methods,” says Bill Flynn, senior market development manager, Industrial Bags, Mondi North America. “With the ‘easy open’ feature, Pinch Pro bags also enhance the end user experience.”

The Pinch Pro’s inner heat seal reduces risk for improper bag seals. Even if the exterior bag fold is not perfectly aligned during the folding and sealing process, the bag’s inner heat seal ensures that bag contents are well protected from moisture, insect infestation, or spoilage.

Pinch Pro bags are highly adaptable to different packing line machinery and configurations. For example, some packagers may not be ready to adopt hot air sealing. Mondi North America can supply bags with one end sealed with Pinch Pro, and the other end designed to suit the packager’s chosen closing technique, whether sewing or another method.

Branding Opportunities Abound

In addition to superior material strength, Pinch Pro woven polypropylene bags provide packagers with an array of printing possibilities, including eight-color reverse or surface printing via flexography, rotogravure, and offset lithography. Gloss, matte, and differential gloss printing options are possible. Ten-color flexographic printing will be available soon.

Consumer goods packagers can utilize “billboard” branding on one or both ends of a Pinch Pro bag to attract the shopper’s eye on the retail shelf. Pinch Pro bag ends provide an ideal space for marketers to feature their product names, logos, and images. When bags are stacked on a store shelf, the brand message prominently faces the customer. Otherwise, shoppers might see only sewing tape or other non-billboard end closures.

The polypropylene bags resist wear and breakage, always maintaining a like-new appearance. Beyond the woven polypropylene bag structure, Pinch Pro bags also are available in multilayer paper construction for a more traditional look on the store shelf.

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