Presto Launches Sensory Zipper Closure

APPLETON, WI | To give consumers the assurance of a secure seal, Presto Products Co. has launched the new Click ’N Lock press-to-close (PTC) double zipper. The Click’N Lock technology is designed to deliver pronounced audible and tactile cues that can be heard and felt when closing the package for a multi-sensory user experience.

This enhanced consumer experience also provides a critical point of differentiation for brands occupying crowded product categories where packaging can often seem uniform. The addition of the Click’N Lock technology enhances flexible, resealable packaging by adding another dimension to the consumer-brand interaction as the audible and tactile cues become synonymous with the promise of freshness throughout the intended shelf life of a given product.

“Presto’s team is deeply committed to proactively advancing zipper technology and pushing the boundaries of convenience for consumers,” said Brad Hansen, president of Presto Specialty Group, Presto Products Co. “Among the feedback we received during our consumer research trials, one participant remarked that in opening the pouch, every time felt like the first time. Click’N Lock excels in delivering both the assurance of a secure seal when the package is closed and the promise of product freshness when the package is opened.”

Additionally, the Click’N Lock technology can be integrated seamlessly into packaging equipment. The integration of Soft Seal technology provides reliable side seal crush without increased temperatures or dwell times, ensuring equal or improved throughput on the pouch assembly line.

The first market application of the Click’N Lock technology can be seen in the recent rollout of Sargento’s shredded cheese packaged in 5- and 8-oz stand-up pouches, which first hit store shelves in stores across the US in late August. In addition to applications in the cheese market, Presto’s Click’N Lock technology is ideal for a range of applications including food, pet food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, lawn and garden, and household products.

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