Yumbutter Offered in GO-Anywhere Pouches

MADISON, WI | In a hyper-productive society, consumer demand for convenience is on the rise as more Americans eat alone and on-the-go. Although eating alone is less experiential and more necessity, flavor is still a driving factor in purchasing decisions. Fortunately both portability and gooey goodness are now available from Yumbutter, a brand of organic nut and seed butters offered in three handy GO-Anywhere multi-serving pouches.

Peanut, almond, and sunflower seed butters consistently satisfy snack cravings with freshly roasted flavor and now, for the first time, Yumbutter organic nut and seed butters are available in portable pouches. Consumers are increasingly more likely to make their food decisions based on whims and cravings, reports trend watcher, Hartman Group, providing further explanation for the fact that nearly half of eating occasions in the US are now snacks, providing instant consumer gratification.

When healthy, tasty snacks are lost among aisles of convenience food, Yumbutter offers a healthy, high-protein snack in an all-new grab-and-go, multi-serving package. A squeezable, utensil-free pouch is prominently displayed with eye-catching colors and playful fonts, making Yumbutter stand out on the shelf among rows of all natural, all brown, nut and seed butter jars.

“We created the GO-Anywhere Pouches to allow consumers to enjoy our quick, easy-to-eat nut and seed butter blends wherever their busy lifestyles take them,” says Yumbutter co-owner Matt D’Amour. “Each potion is uniquely crafted with wholesome super food inclusions to provide complete proteins, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins.”

The Yumbutter GO-Anywhere pouches come in three delectable varieties: Organic Superfood Peanut, Superfood Almond, and Organic Superfood Sunflower Butter. Yumbutter’s squeezable, one-of-a-kind GO-Anywhere nut and seed butters now fuel both everyday adventures and journeys around the world.


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