Ampac Introduces E-Z SnackPak Pouch

CINCINNATI, OH | Ampac has introduced the E-Z SnackPak, a new packaging format for the single-serve snack food market. The E-Z SnackPak is a new exclusive packaging technology from Ampac that provides a unique and convenient packaging solution for single occasion snack foods.

It is a new packaging format for the single serve snack food market that is a more convenient and differentiating alternative to the typical single serve VFFS snack food bag. E-Z SnackPak is a unique flexible pouch format for products that have been packaged the same way for decades.

The tetrahedron shaped pouch transforms into a serving tray upon opening—providing a unique, clean, and fun consumer experience. The pouch is designed to be easy to open by pinching and pulling open at the top, allowing the unique format to transform the packaging into a perfect tray for snacking upon opening.

The tetrahedron shape with built-in head space adds package support, which provides product protection during shipping and handling. The geometric design can be packed into a corrugated shipper with an efficient interlocking pattern, displayed in a shelf-ready carton at point-of-sale providing shelf impact, or packaged in a convenient multi-pack bag.

The E-Z SnackPak pouch does not incorporate traditional side seals thus uses up to 25% less material than traditional snack food packaging. It is a simple, creative, yet differentiated package that enables brands to stand out from the sea of sameness in the snack food aisle.

E-Z SnackPak pouch can be used in applications including sweet and savory snacks, treats, and dry foods, and is capable of being gas flushed during filling. It is ideal for single serve snacks where the consumer would eat the product directly from the bag.

The unique E-Z SnackPak is one of the first flexible packaging formats that transforms from a package into a convenient tray to eat from. It is great for lunches, fast food restaurants, bars, and even sharing occasions. Options include barrier and non-barrier as well as rotogravure, flexographic, or high-definition flexographic print.

Sal Pellingra, Ampac’s VP of innovation and technology, says, “This unique and innovative package is a true differentiator and transforms the traditional snacking experience into a consumer delighter. Its shape, ease of opening, and transformation into a serving tray displays creative functionality and supports on-the-go lifestyles.”

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