Rollprint Technology Adds Brand Security


ADDISON, IL | Rollprint Packaging Products introduces patent-pending Chameleon color-changing sealant technology for heat-seal applications. The coextrusion-coated sealant
can be applied to any thermally stable web including polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, or on any of the company’s ClearFoil barrier structures. Chevron pouches and lidding materials for trays are expected to be the first commercialized applications.

The technology is engineered to allow a film of one color to transfer a peel indicator of a different color, providing strong visual indication that a package has been opened. The objective is to enhance product security and help deter counterfeiting in a cost-effective manner. Reportedly, the sealant, which is applied across the entire web, can accommodate many color combinations to help support branding initiatives.

Company says the technology also offers medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers a new way to communicate branding attributes or color code products by type or size. The transparent nature of the color application still allows contents to be visible.

The web can be made up to 65-in. wide and can also be printed by flexo for additional brand support.

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