Ampac Pouches Are FPA Winners


CINCINNATI, OH | Ampac was recognized by the Flexible Packaging Assn. for a Silver Printing Achievement award for its Tesco Finest Soups retort pouch and two Silver awards for Packaging Excellence and Technical Innovation for the Easysnap sachet pouch.

In a departure from mores standard retort pouches, Ampac’s Tesco Finest Soups  Pouch was printed via flexography rather than gravure. Judges deemed the print graphics exceptional, rivaling the quality of gravure, with a high-definition quality and a unique matte finish both fit for use and commercially viable. Ampac‘s flexographic eight-color process printed design uses a urethane ink system.

In addition, Ampac won a Silver award for Packaging Excellence and Technical Innovation for the Easysnap Sachet Pouch, a single-handed dispensing pouch using a sachet format. Manufactured from two high-barrier films—a flexible top web and a semi-rigid forming web—the pouch is
used with one hand by squeezing the opposite edges toward each other as the Easysnap sachet folds and “snaps” open, providing a simple but engineered and controlled one-handed release of the contents.

The Easysnap sachet pouch is designed as a single unit-dose that can be dispensed using only one hand and without tearing an opening in a pouch. The product structure required special engineering to meet barrier specifications and is said to be an excellent fit for sample packs and promotions. Ampac says benefits of the pouch include accurate dosing, controlled dispensing, and lower costs versus bottles and tubes. Easysnap can be used for a wide range of food, non-food, HBA, and cosmetic applications.

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