Shrink Film Overwrapper Has Hot Wire Seal System

HANOVER, PA | Elsner Engineering's Model EW-4-Series of high-speed shrink film roll overwrappers and heat shrink tunnels utilizes a new hot wire seal system that has a microprocessor-based impulse controller. Features such as seal wire and pre-heat temperature and impulse time are available from a touchscreen interface to provide the machine operator the convenience of making adjustments for different films directly from the touchscreen panel.

To make the equipment more environmentally friendly, a mechanical drive system for the sealing head assembly replaces a pneumatic actuator to reduce air consumption. New pre-shrink heaters that use less energy also are incorporated.

To make troubleshooting easier, drive belts have been relocated external to the side frame. Overwrappers are available to accommodate roll widths to 42 in. (1,067 mm). Operates at up to 75 cycles/min. See Elsner's web site

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