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Stepper Drives Available with Point-and-Click Graphical Interface

WATSONVILLE, CA | Applied Motion Products introduces the ST10-Si stepper drive, delivering 24-80 VDC with an output current of up to 10.0 A peak, and are engineered to protect against over-voltage, over-temp, and external output shorts. They provide eight digital inputs and four digital outputs.

At start-up, ST10-Si drives measure motor parameters including resistance and inductance, and uses this information to optimize system performance. It also compares this information with the previous configuration and checks to see if any of the motor data has changed, which could indicate a fault or system change.

These drives are programmable for stand-alone operations with intuitive Si Programmer software. A graphical point-and-click format combines motion, I/O, and operator interface functionality for simple machine sequencing. As a result, these drives integrate with other devices on a machine such as sensors and PLCs.

Additional features include microstep emulation that allows users with a need for low step resolutions to benefit from smooth motion; the ST10-Si drive can take low resolution step pulses and create fine resolution motion. Torque ripple smoothing negates the effect of inherent low speed torque ripple for smoother motion at lower speeds. Dynamic smoothing can soften the effects of immediate changes in velocity and direction for less jerky motion, while also reducing wear on mechanical components. Option boards are available to add encoder feedback and RS485 functionality. The encoder feedback option board delivers motor stall detection, stall prevention, and position maintenance. See applied-motion.com.

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