Chinese Converter Ensures Quality

November Web Exclusive

Shenzhen Jinjia Color Printing Co. Ltd. has placed multiple orders with Advanced Vision Technology (AVT). The orders include three PrintVision/Argus platforms and six PrintVision/Helios platforms as well as the PrintVision/Orion platform for single-package applications.

These orders, received following a successful implementation of the PrintVision/Argus platform at Jinjia, make AVT Jinjia's vendor of choice for all automatic inspection applications.

Jinjia is the largest cigarette-packaging printer in China, where the quality requirements of cigarette packaging are reportedly the most challenging in the world. The company owns five factories in China, where it uses rotogravure and offset methods to produce some of the most colorful and complicated designs and decorations seen on the market.

China is one of the leading suppliers and consumer markets for cigarette packaging and a highly competitive one. Jinjia develops, designs, manufactures, and markets packaging for high-class cigarette, medicine, and cosmetic products. Jinjia has designed and produced more than 100 famous tobacco labels and more than 50 cigarette brands, and prints more than 30 million cigarette packages a day.

The Selected Solutions
Jinjia chose three PrintVision/Argus systems for process control. These systems can inspect all kinds of printed materials, including folding cartons and transparent and highly reflective materials, and automatically detect both process and random defects during wide web printing operations.

The six PrintVision/Helios units are designed for 100% automatic inspection of narrow web and mid-web applications, including labels and folding cartons. These units can be mounted on press for in-line inspection or on a rewinder for 100% quality assurance before shipment to customers.

Jinjia’s implementation of the PrintVision/Orion equipment, designed to inspect single packages, is one of the first installations worldwide. After the material is die-cut, the single parts can be inspected on a dedicated conveyor and sorted to good or defective parts, before folding and gluing processes or before shipment to the customers.

Technology & Teamwork
Jinjia co-owner, Chong Tak Chi, visited AVT headquarters in Israel in March, accompanied by AVT's agent, Ramon Lee, general manager of Nilpeter China. During his visit, Chi held meetings with AVT management and R&D teams to formulate the current and future business and technology cooperation between the companies.

"Jinjia is leading the cigarette market in China in both productivity and package quality,” says Chi. “This is due to the innovative and sophisticated technology we integrate into our production processes. Automatic inspection is a critical element in our production process, as it allows us to provide the best quality to our customers while controlling its cost.

“We evaluated several automatic inspection alternatives before we chose AVT. AVT proved to have superior solutions and technology, which deliver the process control and quality assurance we are looking for. Moreover, AVT is attentive to our specific requirements and employs its excellent service and R&D teams to support our mutual interests. The companies have established a long-term strategic partnership, and we see AVT people not only as partners, but as friends."

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