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Stroposcopic Inspection Light Systems Cover Full Webs of all Widths

SADDLE BROOK, NJ | Unilux's Litho-O-Light series of strobe lights cover a full range of web widths from two inches to almost eight feet wide. The new Tracker spot illuminates a 24-inch area from a distance of three feet.

The stroboscopic inspection lights enable press operators and inspectors to spot defects at full production speeds by using the stroboscopic effect to essentially freeze images of fast moving lines. Hands-free operation can be achieved by synchronizing inspection systems to line speed with Unilux's microprocessor-based, programmable controllers.

Using the UV Illumination Kit provides the ability to make sure clear and UV coatings are properly applied for security and anti-counterfeiting measures or to protect vital product information.

The LOL-20 and -40 units can cover widths from 16 to 96 inches and their slender style allows easy mounting in constricted areas. For narrower lines, the LOL-2, -5, and -10 will cover strips from four to 16 inches.

For portability, the LOL-2 and -5 and the Tracker are battery-operated for mobility anywhere in a plant. They will supply up to an hour of continuous use or an entire shift of intermittent spot-checking before recharging. See unilux.com.

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