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Die-Cut Thin Materials
The DLI eDrive reportedly allows die-cutting at higher speeds on thin p-s materials and laminates. Using advanced web transport control technology, servo-drive die station and infeed/outfeed draw stations provide precision registration control, company says. Machines are designed to maintain accuracy and consistency for maximum productivity in 24-hr working environments.

  • Rotoflex Intl. | 800-387-3825 | rotoflex.com | PFFC-ASAP 417

  • Rugged Film Prints Well
    Cut-and-stack label film CSL 241-125 is engineered to deliver excellent performance in roll to sheet applications. This 3.3-mil film, available in large outside diameter rolls to 40 in., reportedly offers exceptional whiteness, high moisture resistance, and the ability to carry superior graphics. Described as rugged, film can be printed with all standard methods.

  • Applied Extrusion Technologies | 302-326-5628 | aetfilms.com | PFFC-ASAP 418

  • Cutter Has Many Options
    Flatbed cutter is offered in 16 sizes, a range of tool heads, and a variety of media handling options. Company says user can change the cutting tool easily to match actual application. Options include kiss-cutting, through cutting, creasing, routing, and more. Cutter can be equipped with different material transports and various feeder options.

  • Zünd | 888-205-0059 | zund.com | PFFC-ASAP 419

  • Cleaning Solution Is Safe
    ICEgreen is a moderate-pH, aqueous-based cleaning solution said to offer high performance. It is readily biodegradable, noncombustible, and safe for people and surfaces, company reports. Suited for the removal of UV, solvent, and water-based inks and coatings from anilox rolls, plates, doctor blades, printing presses, and more. Can be applied to rolls and plates on-press.

  • International Converting Equipment | 416-717-1846 |?ice-equipment.com | PFFC-ASAP 420

  • Control Viscosity Precisely
    The AST-300SY is designed for use with company’s AST-100TSY system to control viscosity accurately in a variety of applications. Precise, programmable controller with timed closing intervals has an intuitive screen layout for quick selection of set-up and menu items. ST-400SY multistation controllers have the same features with the ability to control up to ten units.

  • Brookfield Engineering | 800-628-8139 | brookfieldengineering.com | PFFC-ASAP 421

  • Get Economical Die-Cutting
    The Varimatrix 105 unit for die-cutting and embossing is said to be economical and to produce high quality. All stations have their own drive, and all drive shafts are connected to a maintenance-free timing belt. Suited to running the smallest orders; variable chase can take different cutting die sizes, said to assure maximum flexibility. Menu-driven touch screen makes machine comfortable to operate, company says.

  • Heidelberg | 888-472-9655 | us.heidelberg.com | PFFC-ASAP 422

  • Polyolefins Bring Benefits
    Amplify IO functional polymers deliver good performance, processing, and economics, company says, making them suited for applications in food packaging, medical and other retail, and more. Reportedly offer excellent optics, high melt strength, and durability.

  • Dow Chemical Co. | 989-496-6000 | dow.com | PFFC-ASAP 423

  • Paper Release Liner For Many Markets
    Econ-O-Liner 2.3-mil, lightweight paper release liner is said to feature excellent die-cut ability and layflat properties that make it ideal for packaging, label, and industrial markets. Clay-coated paper is available with a variety of release chemistries that can be tailored to meet specific applications. Can be supplied in master rolls to 72 in. wide or in slit widths of 1/2-72 in.

  • Rayven | 800-878-3776 | rayven.com | PFFC-ASAP 424

  • Controls Temps Precisely
    EHR 2K3 electrically heated rolls reportedly offer precise temperature control and are effective in lines with speeds to 1,000 fpm. Described as precise, clean to operate, easy to maintain, and a preferred option for long-term use. Series includes rolls with diameters from 2–18 in. with roll faces ranging from 5-70 in.

  • Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | handleyourweb.com | PFFC-ASAP 425

  • Mini Soft Starts in 3 Levels
    Telemecanique Altistart 01 mini soft starts are available in three performance levels to meet the application needs of a wide range of fractional and low-horsepower, single-phase, and three-phase asynchronous motors, from 1?4-75 hp at 110–575V. Limits stress on the mechanical parts of a machine and reduces maintenance costs and downtime, company says.

  • Schneider Electric | 847-397-2600 | us.schneider-electric.com | PFFC-ASAP 432

  • Permanent Bar Coding
    Casemark tape has a new imaging solution that combines a proprietary applicator and the tape with a CO2 laser, reportedly helping increase productivity, reducing downtime, and eliminating bar coding problems. Image is generated as laser light reacts with Casemark tape. Once laser starts printing, bar codes won't vary in quality and are 100% permanent, so cannot be tampered with after printing.

  • DataLase | +44 1606 837787 | datalase.com | PFFC-ASAP 426

  • Punching Gives Clean Holes
    Rotary punching is recommended by company for projects with very long runs that demand clean and consistent hole evacuation and/or use a material that is difficult to cut. Punch units can be designed and manufactured for platform mounting or as modules that can “drop in” the press die station. Waste removal is said to easy and effective.

  • Tools and Production | 626-286-0213 | toolsandproduction.com | PFFC-ASAP 427

  • UV Coat on Digital Printing
    The Indigo UV coater is suited for use on high quality color applications. This near-line, user-friendly device is able to support multiple Indigo presses. Protects printed material against damage from finishing and adds high-value appeal to printed materials by applying gloss, matte, and satin UV finishes.

  • Hewlett Packard | 650-857-1501 | hp.com | PFFC-ASAP 428

  • Protect Film When Measuring
    The VenPad film gauge measuring system is able to measure films with tacky and/or sensitive surfaces without blemishing them, because it works on noncontact measuring principle. Capacitive sensor measures single-layer and coextruded films within a range of 6-500 μm. Measured data and thickness profile are displayed via a field bus interface on the VDU of the control unit of the blown film line.

  • Octagon Process Technology | +49 (0) 9 31/27 70 | octagon-gmbh.de | PFFC-ASAP 429

  • Robots Work at High Speeds
    The Fanuc Robotics M-900iA Series robot is engineered for precision, high-speed/high payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. Suited for material handling, machine load/unload, material removal, and more, this servo driven line features six-axis modular construction.

  • Volpi USA | 800-68-volpi |volpiusa.com | PFFC-ASAP 430

  • Safety Chucks Have Automatic Features
    K Series safety chucks speed production by automating the opening and closing of a shafted unwind or rewind’s chucking system. A rotary encoder feeds a signal to the machine’s drives to stop when the safety chuck can be loaded or unloaded. The air shaft can be inflated or deflated automatically when chuck is closed or opened.

  • Schlumpf | 877-460-4535 | schlumpf-inc.com | PFFC-ASAP 431

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