Clariant Shifts Specialty Polymers Distribution to Masterbatches Division


MILFORD, DE | North American distribution of a range of specialty resins and polymer additives now will be handled by Clariant Masterbatches. The distribution agreements, covering specialty grades not manufactured in the United States, had previously been handled by Clariant's Pigments & Additives Div. The products include polymer additives made by DuPont Polymer Powders, advanced polyolefins manufactured by Basell, and functional polymers made by Arkema.

the DuPont powders include a variety of resins (LDPE,LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PS, PP, PMMA, and CPET) and are marketed under the brand names Coathylene, Gotalene, Abcite, and Flamulit. Besides plastic-related applications in masterbatches and glass-reinforced polyester compounds (SMC, BMC, and RTM), these additives are used in nonwoven textiles, paints, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, metal and paper coatings, and more. For more information, see

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