Flexo Press for EB WetFlex Launched in Germany


WILMINGTON, MA—UV-Flex GmbH held an open house event on April 18-19 to feature Fischer & Krecke's first CI flexo press designed to use Sun Chemical's EB curable WetFlex ink technology. ESI, an electron beam (EB) supplier, provided the EZCure-I EB system, which instantly cures inks, coatings, and adhesives.

The 10-color press, designated FLEXPRESS 16S, applies wet-on-wet EB-curable inks and/or adhesives that are cured instantly once they pass through the EZCure EB unit. The WetFlex technology eliminates the need for inter-station drying or thermal oxidation systems to incinerate VOCs. In addition, it doesn't produce CO2 emissions.

The two-day open house event was attended by over 150 guests. Converters from throughout Europe, Asia, and North America witnessed press speeds up to 400 meters per min. They also saw the high-resolution capability that WetFlex delivers due to a finer screen, finer anilox, and more homogeneous dot structure. See ebeam.com.

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