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AIMCAL's Technology/Innovation Winners at CMM 2007


Here are the winners for AIMCAL's New Technology/Innovation session in the AIMCAL Theatre. These will run daily from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the CMM 2007 show.

MEGTEC Systems (booth #2634) | Ultra High Efficiency RTO
The RTO uses a custom ceramic media bed with additional media volume to achieve higher thermal efficiency performance. In addition to these mechanical product enhancements, the RTO burner operation is controlled by a patented air-gas-ratio valve to insure optimized stoichiometric burner firing rates independent of process volumetric flows.

Dienes Corporation (booth #2007) | QUIK-SET Automatic Slitter Positioning System
QUIK-SET simultaneously positions slitting knife holders accurately and extremely fast resulting in significant scrap reduction, time saved and injury reduction.

PRUFTECHNIK Service Inc (booth #1112) | PARALIGN
A new device used for roll alignment that uses inertial technology. The device has 3 ring laser gyroscopes that are used (similar to that used in navigation systems in space). It is a much quicker method to check for roller parallelism in comparison to conventional means or any other laser technology present.

Prime UV Systems (booth #2629) | Moveable 'Slide Track' UV Processors
A unique UV curing system for wide web applications, both flexible films and paperboard or paper stock; that allows the UV lamps to cure UV chemistries on designated portions of the web.

Alpha Innovation / Stop Static (both #2637) | Anti-Static Shock Tail
The Shock Tail is a new tool for converters to control static. It removes static from winders and winding rolls of plastics, paper and textiles.

Celplast (booth # 2618) | Enviromet PLA
A PLA film in and of itself is not a high barrier film. However by metallizing under barrier conditions we have created a film that is suitable for use in barrier applications. This is the first metallized renewable film available on the market.

GrafikAmerica (booth # 1031) | Eltex Innocure UV Curing
This process dramatically increases the speed of UV curing by using an electro-static charge to remove the laminar air layer on a web and cure the UV with inert gas.

Maxcess International / Fife Corporation (booth # 421) | TruWide Sensor
Fife Corporation releases another first in wide-band web guiding sensors with the TruWide, a wide-band sensor for applications with a high instance of web width variation. The TruWide sensor compliments the existing family of sensors used to detect webs with varying web widths and utilizes the latest technology to maintain web alignment, measure web width and distance measurement with the highest levels of accuracy.

See aimcal.org.

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