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Flyer Describes Paper Laminating Adhesive


National Adhesives has published a flyer on 32-541A resin UC adhesive, a new high performance adhesive that reportedly can help paper laminators attain maximum line speeds and reduce adhesive usage and production costs. It is the first in a series of products being introduced under the Ultimate Control adhesive brand name, and has applications for point-of- purchase and other types of paper laminating jobs.

According to the flyer, 32-541A resin UC adhesive product provides a balance of tack, open time, and set speed and reduces moisture transfer into the sheet. The hold-out properties of the adhesive enable operators to meter glue-line width, reducing waste adhesive drip from flute tips. Glue line thickness can be metered down, and adhesion and set time can be controlled on an application-specific basis.

The adhesive is formulated to work on all types of laminating equipment and adheres to a wide range of substrates. The adhesive is less reliant on the substrate for absorption and drying than other adhesives and thus runs as effectively on heavy, coated, or varnished sheets as it does on lighter, uncoated sheets. The adhesive also runs without slinging, eliminating downtime required for clean up. See nationalstarch.com.

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