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Shrink Film Folding


UNITED KINGDOM—Designed and manufactured by UK-based Double R Controls, the Shrink Film Folder & Auto Winder provides non-stop batch rewinding for end uses such as tamper-evident packaging of CDs, greeting cards, foodstuffs, and more. Features include rewind tension control profiling, shaftless unwind, multiple tension zones, air-lubricated A-frame, center surface winding, shaftless turreting rewind, trim spooling, high-speed flying splice (up to 600 meters per minute), and a multiple-language operator interface.

Operation starts when mother rolls are introduced into the self-loading, shaftless, driven unwind. The web on leaving the unwind section enters and floats over the air-lubricated A-frame folder, where the film is flat, folded into a double ply web. The folded web now enters the turreting rewind section, where it is batch wound, using a flying splice technique to maintain continuous non-stop production. Once the process is started the only interaction from the operator is to load new cores as the rewind automatically indexes, splices, and unloads the completed reels.

To learn more drc.co.uk.

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