Packaging Legislation and Regulation Studies


UNITED KINGDOM—Pira Intl. has released technology studies covering three key aspects of packaging legislation, helping readers get up to speed with the latest requirements and regulatory developments, as well as prompting ways in which to be prepared for future changes.

Each title focuses on a specific area and analyzes crucial regulatory developments:

  • Packaging Legislation and Regulation for Cosmetics—the demand from consumers and regulatory bodies for improved labeling and clarity has forced manufacturers to include more product information on packaging than ever before. This study covers the current legislations in digestible chapters, allowing you to understand and implement these requirements in your organization.
  • Packaging Legislation and Regulation for Medical Devices—with the market for implantable medical devices alone predicted to increase by over 10% this year, the future of these products looks promising. This study presents the latest developments in the market, including the impact of classification of medical devices and new packaging materials, as well as how the relevant guidelines can be implemented.
  • Packaging Legislation and Regulations for Pharmaceuticals—pharmaceutical products can potentially pose serious risk if they are misused, and so legislation extends to great lengths in order to protect both the consumer and manufacturer. This study explains how international standards for pharmaceutical packaging could affect your organization, and how expectations differ between countries.
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