Domino Welcome's FDA's Vote of Confidence in Hybrid Track-and-Trace Solutions


Domino's Integrated Solutions Group has welcomed the recent Compliance Policy Guide announcement by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a boost to the implementation of the hybrid product traceability solutions combining RFID with existing data-carrier technology to provide counterfeit-proof "e-pedigrees" throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Simon King, director of Domino's Integrated Solutions Group, notes, "In our view, the FDA is spot on in its assessment of where track-and-trace technology is now—in particular, in its understanding that the electronic pedigrees need to prevent counterfeiting are achievable now by using existing data-carriers such as 2D and composite barcodes, especially Data Matrix with EPC.

Domino's IS Group recently implemented an fully-integrated EPC solution for the pharmaceutical industry involving 100% track-and-trace of drugs administered to Hemophilia patients of St. James' Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. The EPC technology embedded in a 2D Data Matrix code, assigns a unique number to every single item that rolls off a manufacturing line, allowing every company in the supply chain to track products at the individual item of use level from the point of manufacturer through to the individual patient in their home. The use of unique serialized numbering and barcoding on each vital box enabled automatic electronic data collection and processing which resulted in safer patient treatment and 100% traceability and accountability of ever drug and patient involved in the critical treatment process.

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