Item Level RFID Market Outlook


CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND—According to IDTechEx, item level RFID is set for substantial growth over the next decade. A new study forecasts and explores key markets that will apply item-level tagging, advances in technology, and the mass adoption that will follow. The report spans two volumes: "Item Level RFID Volume One: Forecasts, Technology, Standards" and "Item Level RFID Volume Two: 100 Case Studies, Paybacks, Lessons Learnt."

Item level RFID is the tagging of the smallest taggable unit of things—a library book, apparel, jewelry, engineering parts, and laundry, for example. IDTechEx notes that tem level tags and systems will be the world's largest RFID market by value from 2007 onwards, increasing from $0.16 billion in 2006 to $13 billion in 2016 for systems including tags. In 2006, 0.2 billion items will be RFID-tagged in the world; in 2016, this will increase to 550 billion.

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