IPA Releases Proofing Roundup Report


EDINA, MN—IPA has released its Special Report, announcing the results of the 4th Annual IPA Color Proofing Roundup, conducted during the IPA Technical Conference, June 6-8, 2006, in Chicago. The Roundup focused on real-world proofing issues and evaluated a press-to-proof match of thirteen leading proofing equipment suppliers. Participating vendors were required to match images from a press sheet based on only the readings of a color test target. Suppliers were provided the IT8.7/4 target from a sheetfed press run, and within approximately 24 hours were required to match the images on the press sheet. Participating vendors included Agfa, GCS, ColorBurst, DALiM, DuPont, EFI, Fuji, Enovation, GMG, Heidelberg, ICS, Kodak, Midstates Graphics, and SAi.

The downloadable Special Report and an accompanying Webinar on QuickTime CD are available for purchase at ipa.org/proofing. The report is free to Proofing Webinar and 2006 Technical Conference attendees, $50 to members, and $100 to the general public.

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