ODIN Ranked #1 RFID Service Provider


DULLES, VA—In a survey conducted by RFID Update, ODIN Technologies is the top ranked RFID-specific company in several categories. ODIN ranked overall second to IBM as the leading RFID service provider. The 2006 RFID Marketing Strategies Report indicated that IBM and ODIN technologies ranked first and second respectively in several categories. According to the report, ODIN ranked as the second most recognized RFID software and services provider and as the second "most desired RFID services provider to be associated with" in a category that included IBM and Sun Microsystems and SAP. The ranking also placed ODIN in the top 2 for RFID thought leadership among services providers. ODIN was in the top ten in all categories that also included RFID hardware manufacturers. The survey was distributed to 10,000 end-users and RFID industry participants.

See odintechnologies.com.

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