Happy Anniversary, Praxair!


INDIANAPOLIS, IN—Praxair Surface Technologies is celebrating 25 years as a provider of anilox roll technology. Since its initial joint venture in England in 1979, major milestones include Praxair’s development of:

  • The first laser engraved ceramic roll produced in England in 1981.
  • The first laser engraved roll installed in the United States in 1982.
  • RainbowTM surface treatment with a patented release to resist ink adhesion in 1988.
  • 60-degree engravings for smoother, better-defined cells in 1988.
  • Double-hit and multi-hit engraving techniques for more consistent volume in 1994.
  • YAG laser engraving technology in 1996 for high-volume, high-resolution screen counts in 1996.
  • Breakthrough first-generation anilox sleeve in 1996.
  • Open cell technology; ART, REV, TIF in 1999.
  • Roll ID Audit in 2002.
  • ProlineTM premium engraving solutions for high-density in 2003.
  • Trio engraving solutions for day-to-day needs in corrugated and ultra wide web in 2003.
  • Second-generation sleeve technology in 2005.
See praxair.com.

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