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AIMCAL Paper Deadline Extended


The deadline for papers for the AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference has been extended one week to May 22, 2006. The conference, to be held October 22-25, 2006, at the Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV, is an Industry forum for the global technical community involved in web coating processes.

Topics of interest for this year's conference include, but not limited to the following:

Vacuum Web Coating

  • Process optimization and preventive maintenance in the vacuum web coating processes.
  • Leading edge roll to roll technologies, products and markets including flexible displays, flexible semiconductors, superconductors, thin film battery, flexible solar cells, super barriers, film sensors, anti-counterfeiting films and papers, OLED, holography, and solar control.
  • Machine and equipment accessories upgrade cost / benefit.
  • Advances in substrate technology.
  • Advances in process control and measurement.
  • Patterning and edging of vacuum coated films and papers.
  • New coating processes, tools and equipment.
  • Advances in barrier performance, process and measurement
Atmospheric Web Coating and Laminating
  • Web Coating Technology related to applications and fluid rheology.
  • Process Measurement including coating weight, defects, viscosity, process modeling.
  • Laminating processes including alternatives to laminations, process optimization, web variability, modulus, guiding and tracking.
  • Coating Operations: An overview that compares/contrasts various coating techniques, roll coating systems, slot die/curtain coating techniques, extrusion coating, coating thin on metallized films, toll coating.
  • Substrates and liners technology including new technology and performance, innovations, and applications.
  • Web coated product markets—technology and market overviews
Specialty Web Coating
  • Novel or developing web coating technologies.
  • Nano coating technology.
  • Photovoltaics technology.
  • Developing web coating technologies and markets.
  • Specialty substrates and coatings technology.
  • RFID technology.
A session on Market Trends in the Converting Industry is being scheduled. Topics of interest are global market and technology trends, future role of converting process in growth industries and integrating product development through the supply chain.

Presentations for the Fall Technical Conference are selected upon the following criteria:

  • Applicability to the advancement of the manufacturing process.
  • Uniqueness and innovativeness of new technology and its contribution to the Industry.
  • Value to the technical/production community
The audience for the Fall Conference is Technical Professional personnel in R&D, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Presentations should be at a technical level of interest to this audience. Papers covering related subjects, not specifically addressed in the call for papers should still be sent for committee review at aimcal.org.

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