NPE Conference Discusses Cost Savings


With the rising prices of raw materials, combined with the need for more productivity to remain globally competitive, processors are seeing a greater need to adequately maintain their processing equipment with as little downtime as possible. Chester, CT-based vocational education provider Paulson Training Programs and resin trading and toll processing services provider Shuman Plastics, Buffalo, NY, focus attention on this subject in a training seminar from 4-5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at the NPE show in the South Building, level 4, room 5403b.

Entitled “Engineered Purging Compounds,” the session looks at ways plastics processors can use commercial purging compounds to lower costs, reduce scrap, and cut downtime. This presentation is part of Tuesday's Free Conference (underwritten by Dow Chemical Co. and hosted by NPE organizer SPI) “Global and Domestic Competition” session on materials.

To register for the seminar online, visit, or visit to check out other available conferences. For more information on NPE 2006, visit

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