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ACA Launches Web site


AKRON, OH—Akron Coating and Adhesives’ newly-launched Web site, akroncoating.com, provides information about their water-based, heat-activated, and pressure-sensitive adhesives and coatings. These new products adhere a variety of metals and other substrates to such difficult-to-bond plastics as TPEs (theromoplastic elastomers), TPOs (thermoplastic oligimers), and TPVs (thermoplastic vulcacinates). ACA products create a permanent bond without the need for primers or special surface treatments.

Visitors to the site may search products by their intended use. For example, if one wants to bond aluminum to a thermoplastic resin such as Santoprene, one simply selects those items from a list of substrates. The site will then automatically search the entire product line and provide the best product match. The site also can search by product type—pressure sensitive, heat activated or non-adhesive coating—or one can download a PDF containing the company’s entire product line.

See akroncoating.com.

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